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Dlink DIR 816 Wireless AC750 PPPoE Configuration

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September 9, 2018
Dlink DIR 816 Wireless AC750 Wireless Repeater
September 9, 2018


D-link dir-816 wireless ac750 dual band router for internet access in PPPoE mode

12 hours      Beginners

How to configure D-link dir-816 wireless ac750 dual band router for internet access in PPPoE mode.

In this tutorial i will demonstrate step by step configuration of D-link dir-816 wireless ac750 dual band router for accessing internet.
D-link dir-816 wireless ac750 dual band router
ADSL or DSL Modem configure this Modem in Bridge Mode
1 ISP connection
A Laptop or PC

Since D-Link dir-816 don't have ADSL or DSL features so you first have to configure ADSL or DSL Modem in Bridge Mode.

Let start our configuration
Plug a Cat6 Patch cord in LAN interface(Black Color) back side of D-link router as shown below.
Power ON the D-Link wifi routers.

After Power of D-Link Router

Type in your browser.
After Typing IP address you get login page .

Type username( default admin) and password (blank or no password) in given page, Click Login.

Click on Internet Setup

In WAN Interface

1 Select WAN Access Type PPPoE
2 In User Name Type User Name provided by your ISP
3 In Password Type your Password provided by your ISP
4 In Service Name Type your ISP name
5 Leave MTU Size Default.
6 In Connection Type Select Always on
7 Select Attain DNS Automatically

In MAC Clone
Select Default MAC Click Apply
Plug Cat6 patch cord from ADSL/DSL modem to your D-link Modem in Internet port(in Yellow color) in back side.
Wait for 1 mint

In browser Click on Status

In the bottom of the page you can see that you get a IP address, gateway, DNS and Status Connect(PPPoE).
If you get IP Address, Gateway, DNS is then your configuration is incorrect. Check Configuration correctly.

After Successfully configuration of Internet Setup.
Lets Configure Wireless/Wireless 5G
Click on Wireless TAB

Check mark Enable SSID Broadcast( by default checked).
Check mark Enable Wireless Isolation if you have more than 1 wireless access point, otherwise Leave It.

In Name(SSID) Type SSID name
Leave Mode, Channel, Band Width to default.

In Security Options
Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK AES for maximum Security.
In Pre-Shared Key Type your wireless password
Click Apply.
That’s It! we are ending this configuration here.
Pintu Jaiswal

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