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Etherchannel between SGE2000 to Cisco2960

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September 9, 2018
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September 9, 2018


EtherChannel between SGE2000 and Cisco Crystal 2960

12 hours      Beginners

How to Configuring Link Aggregation with EtherChannel between SGE2000 and Cisco Crystal 2960.

In this tutorial i will demonstrate step by step configuration of ether-channel between SGE2000 and Cisco Catalyst 2960.

A Cisco 2960 switch
A Cisco SGE 2000 switch
2 Cat 6 patch cord or 2 fiber patch cord
if you are using fiber then you need 4 SFP module that is computable with these two switches
A Cisco console cable


Step 1
In this step we first configure Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch
Connect console cable between pc and switch with default hyper terminal setting
Go to Privilege Mode by below command

Switch#config t

Select interfaces which you want to configure ether-channel , you can select up to 8 interfaces for ether channel. I am selecting only two interfaces(21 and 22) and run following command.

Switch(config)#interface Gigabit 1/0/21
Switch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode active

( where 1 is channel group number you can select upto 6 in Cisco 2960, mode active because i want to use LACP for ether-channel)

Switch(config)#interface Gigabit 1/0/22
Switch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode active

If switch ports are in sequence number then you can run following command for configure ether-channel in 21 and 22 port number

Switch(config)#interface range Gigabit1/0/21-22
Switch(config-if-range)#channel-group 1 mode active

congratulation! you have successfully configure ether-channel in Cisco 2960 switch

Step 2
In this step I will configure Cisco SGE 2000 switch.
I am configuring this switch from web browser because it is easy to configure from web browser.
Default setting of Cisco SGE 2000
ip =
First of all configure an ip in your LAN (192.168.1.x).

Type in browser and press enter.
After Enter you prompt for username and password, type username and password and press enter.

Your first screen after login

Go to Bridging --> Port Management --> LAG Management

In LAG Management Select your LAG Number then Click Edit.

Type LAG Name(optional) and check mark LACP.
Select LAG Members from Port List, Click Apply.

After selecting LAG member if Member became Bold then its means that port is active and working fine. if not bold then its means that something missing check configuration of other end switch.

If you are using fiber port for ether-channel in SGE 2000 then Please Disable Admin Auto Negotiation.
For Disabling Admin Auto Negotiation
Go to Bridging --> Port Management --> LAG Setting

In Status you can that it is showing Up its means that Ether-channel working fine, You can also see that in Auto Negotiation by default Enable is selected.
For Disabling Auto Negotiation Click Edit on LAG 1

In Admin Auto Negotiation select Disable and Click Apply Button.

To check wither you configure ether-channel working fine in Cisco 2960 Switch
Run following command
Show interface Port channel 1
where 1 is channel number, change it if you have select different number.

That’s It! we are ending this configuration here.
Pintu Jaiswal

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