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Monitor Troubleshooting

Blue Screen Error
September 9, 2018
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September 9, 2018


Monitor troubleshooting

12 hours      Beginners

1. No signal in monitor with no beep sound?

If You not geting any beeps sound it means that POST is not completing, Its means something problem in RAM, CPU, PCI Card.
Step 1: Remove and reseat your system RAM and video card. Try to reboot.
Step 2: Remove all periphreal devices Tryt to reboot.
Step 3: Replace RAM with a known good RAM. Try to Reboot.
Step 4: Replace Processor with a known good Processor.Try to reboot.
Step 5: Try to Installed monitor in other working CPU if problem is resloved then it means your VGA Cards get faulty. if problem not resloved it means your Monitor get faulty.
Step 6: Please change the screen resolution and it should work.
Step 7: If Problem not resloved then go nearest service center.

2:- Monitor Get Blinks Violet,Greenish, Redish Color.

Step 1. The Cable socket will have a screw to firmly fit the monitor. See if you have tightened it up well. Also, if that does not help, try adjusting the cable position slightly to see if that fixes the issue.
Step 2. Try with a different cable if you have one with you.
Pintu Jaiswal

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